Tuning Your IT Infrastructure for Maximum Performance: HR Departments and the Need for Speed

By Adam Stern | Total Security Daily Advisor

A common goal of IT departments across organizations and industries is to maximize performance and speed of their performance and infrastructure. But, of course, it’s not only IT that is affected by this goal, and HR professionals must realize that they depend on this infrastructure as well.

Applications are driving the enterprise, whether it is a relatively simple application used by millions of customers or a complex, scalable database that drives an organization’s back end. These applications, and the users that count on them, expect rapid response times. In a world that demands “instant gratification,” forcing a customer, prospect, or employee to wait for a response is the kiss of death. 

—George Crump, Lead Analyst, IT consulting firm Storage Switzerland, LLC

For most data centers, Crump suggests, “the number one cause of these ‘waits’ is the data storage infrastructure, and improving storage performance is a top priority for many CIOs.”

Sound familiar?

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