Weaponizing the IoT: Is It a Nuke, or a Pop Gun?

Adam Stern | Industry Week | IoT World Today

We like our gadgets. We just don’t like them turning on us.

In the year ahead, the IoT could cause significant – but preventable – distress for businesses and individuals. As the IoT worms its way into households and industries, the 46-billion-unit question is, who’s minding the store? Is this a year of living dangerously or will users finally take charge?

The defining trend for 2017 may well be the weaponization of the IoT. Indeed, 2017 looms as a pivotal time for peril from the seemingly benign things we own and, in some cases, love. A smart city or a smart TV can be terrific. But there are now legions of unwitting connected-device accomplices around the world. Think about it: you now need a firewall to protect your smart fridge. Is the local loop protecting others before an attack hits, or even capable of doing so?

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