What is Office Virtualization?

Infinitely Virtual’s VP of Sales, Scott McDonald, describes office virtualization as a Centralized office server that holds all the office products you need to be productive.” He goes on to add that office virtualization, “Doesn’t change what you have today, but improves what you have today.”

What does this mean?

Consider your current desktop computer – or multiple desktop computers. Housed on these machines are a variety of apps that you need to run your business effectively. Some are Mac accessible, some are PC accessible, all are tied to the hardware itself.

When you are not at your desktop computer you have no access to your applications. That’s life without office virtualization.

However, when you take your applications virtual, you essentially abstract them out of your physical computer environment and host them in one non-physical location. They are no longer bound to your computer. They can be accessed anywhere.

Why would you want office virtualization?

Imagine a world in which you and your team have access to your applications from any device – computer, tablet, phone, etc. – in nearly any location across the globe. This frees your team up to work remotely when needed, and to gain quick access to files and applications at any time.

Office virtualization breaks the chains off your applications and exponentially increases workflow, productivity, and organization.

Choosing to go virtual also reduces IT costs and makes life easier on your IT personnel. Rather than tend to individual devices, your in-house IT team (or remote managed IT provider) can address issues with various users in a streamlined, more efficient way.

Do you need office virtualization?

Office virtualization will help you grow exponentially if you:

  • Want to let some or all of your team work remotely
  • Are growing in number of employees and want to keep your day-to-day workflow smooth and efficient
  • Are running into regular IT problems such as overtaxed workers and lag-time on problem resolution
  • Currently run some applications on Mac and some on PC and want to consolidate
  • Want to reduce IT costs

These are just some of the many reasons to implement office virtualization in your business. If you want to learn more about office virtualization, check out our series of office virtualization articles

Want to see if office virtualization is the right fit for your business? Contact our sales team today. We’re here to answer any questions you may have and help you find the best solution for your business.