What to look for in a cloud provider of Microsoft Exchange

Here are five key things to consider when looking for an Exchange Server host

Microsoft Exchange provides a rich feature set for email, which has made it a popular option among schools and colleges. And the latest version, Exchange 2013, is a more robust offering than its predecessor, delivering many improvements for schools. These include:
1. Better availability. Exchange 2013 offers higher availability and is more fault-tolerant than previous versions.
2. Greater transparency. Servers are now self-monitoring and work in teams to ensure high availability. When a server detects a problem that could affect the user experience, it transparently switches users to another database.
3. Increased speed. Exchange 2013 provides users with significantly faster speed than Exchange 2010.
4. Windows 8 interface. Microsoft’s Windows 8 interface simplifies navigation on mobile devices.
5. Improved support for mobility. The Outlook Web App has been modified for mobility and will adapt to the user’s screen, whether it’s an iPad, iPhone, another tablet, PC, or laptop.

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