Whose IT Infrastructure Is It, Anyway?

Adam Stern | Law.com

The right question isn’t, ‘Should I go on or off premises?’ The smart question is, ‘What’s strategically best for my legal practice?’

As groups, small and midsize law firms tend to be wired for DIY. Self-reliance runs deep, and many firms still manage their own technology—servers, routers, other networked gear. That said, the times are a-changin’, and growing legal practices are increasingly looking to move to the cloud and bring their applications with them, often via infrastructure as a service (IaaS). In the IaaS model, servers and prefab packages effectively supplant technology professionals. What’s behind the decision to remain with an in-house solution or embrace cloud server hosting? A law firm reaches that fork in the road because it has pushed its servers to the end of their useful lives and now needs to do something about it. And cloud-hosted computing might be the preferred way to maintain cost-effective, 24×7 support.

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