The Four Key Components of Successful SMB IT

At Infinitely Virtual (IV), we understand that every small to medium sized business (SMB) is different. That’s why we take a unique approach to SMB information technology (IT) management and security. Rather than throw the kitchen sink at you, we take the time to understand your business and tailor an IT strategy to your specific needs and budget. Then we implement that strategy and support your users to ensure IT helps advance — not hinder — your business goals.

Because your business and the IT landscape are constantly evolving, we re-evaluate your IT strategy on a regular basis. As new security threats, technologies, or business initiatives emerge, IV will make recommendations to ensure your IT solutions continue to deliver the highest levels of reliability, performance, and protection.

IV’s recipe for success consists of four key components:

  1. Strategy
    IV engages in a discovery process to learn about your business while you learn about ours. This involves:

    • Conducting an Industry-specific IT evaluation of your business to identify, prioritize, and plan IT initiatives.
    • Tailoring a technology plan from our wide array of SMB-focused solutions and technologies based on your needs.
    • Holding regular strategy sessions to review your initiatives, update your technology plan, optimize technologies, plan for what’s next. .
  2. Management
    IV deploys and manages your tailored technology suite, which may include any combination of:

    • Application hosting
    • Device management
    • Managed Microsoft 365
    • Remote work capabilities
    • User onboarding
    • … and more
  3. Security
    IV provides the ideal security solution for your business and industry using tools and technologies such as:

    • WISP (Written Information Security Plan) and Risk Assessment
    • Advanced AI-driven Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware with MDR capabilities
    • Enhanced email security to protect against phishing and other email threats
    • Data backup and disaster recovery
    • Device and network monitoring and event logging
    • Penetration testing
    • FTC Safeguard Compliance, HIPAA, etc.
  4. Support
    IV keeps your IT operations running smoothly and your end-users working productively by providing:

    • 24/7 tech support
    • Next business day on-site support
    • Easy ticket generation via phone, email, or customer portal


Ready to develop and execute a comprehensive IT strategy that positions your company for success? Contact Infinitely Virtual or call 866-257-8455 to discuss your IT requirements and how we can deliver affordable, reliable solutions you can count on.