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11/01/2018   |   0

Major Cloud Providers – Monthly Outage Recap October

MS Azure 10/27/18 Virtual Machines/VM Scale Sets - West US 2 Between 02:50 and 10:37 UTC on 27 Oct 2018, a subset of customers using Virtual Machines and/or Virtual Machine Scale Sets in West US 2 may have received failure notifications when performing service management operations - such as create, update, delete - for resources hosted in this re...

10/01/2018   |   0

Major Cloud Providers – Monthly Outage Recap September

MS Azure 9/26/18 Multiple Services - South East Asia – Mitigated Between 09:52 and 12:28 UTC on 26 Sep 2018, a subset of customers in Southeast Asia may have experienced latency or difficulties connecting to Virtual Machines and/or Cloud Service resources hosted in this region. A number of related services may also have experienced some downstre...

09/01/2018   |   0

Major Cloud Providers – Monthly Outage Recap August

MS Azure 8/20/18 Iot Hub - West Europe and North Europe Between 17:30 UTC on 20 Aug 2018 and 16:42 UTC on 21 Aug 2018, a subset of IoT Hub customers in West Europe may experience errors, such as 'InternalServerError', when trying to access IoT Hub devices hosted in these regions. Customers may also experience issues when attempting to delete resou...

08/01/2018   |   0

Major Cloud Providers – Monthly Outage Recap July

A New Monthly Scorecard The Lowdown on Downtime At Infinitely Virtual, 100 percent uptime is not only aspirational, it’s a real thing – a promise to our customers that we keep.  One hundred percent uptime takes work.  In our case, these principles guide our operations: Our environment is covered by 100 percent uptime SLA, with money back...